Don’t miss the transit of Venus

Transit de Vénus 2004

Less spectacular, but rarer than a solar eclipse, the Venus transit of 2012 will be the last before 2117.

There are two cycles of transits, a short one and a long one. The short one started 8 years ago and will end tomorrow, and the long one wille start to 115 years.

Comparaison Transits Venus 2004 2012

During the 2004 transit, time and weather conditions were perfect in France. It’s began just after sunrise, finished at 1:30pm and there were no cloud in the sky, and I took some pictures with my telescope.

Transit de Venus 2004

Transit de Venus 2004

This year, time is not good for France, but it’s perfect in Japan. I hope you don’t drop your solar eclipse glasses, you’ll need them to see transit.

If the weather is bad, you can go to NASA’s dedicated website, which play a live stream from several observatory around the world.

If you want to know when it will start, go to Local Transit Times

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Find out about the planet Venus' dramatic trip across the face of the sun in June 2012 in this infographic.
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