Sea Paradise Hakkeijima

Today, Sea Paradise, a sea based amusement park, on Hakkeijima Island, in Tokyo Bay.

There are aquariums, amusement rides, hotel and, of course, a shopping mall. In 2009, 4 500 000 visitors went to the park, it ranks 8th among  asians amusement parks and 18th among global parks, in trems of attendance. We can se how much people go in, besause there were a lot of people ! Yes, 3rd of may is a closed day in Japan, an overlooked detail… And so, it was difficult to take photos…

Our visit was only the aquariums.

Onr of the Aqua Museum most interesting fish is the two whale sharks, the bigger fish living on Earth.

Requin baleine
Whale shark

Because they need a big pool, they are in the same as the show, and they don’t like disturbed !

This year the show is in Hawaiian style.


Another pool is interesting, because it is 2 floors height, and the moving staircase for 2F is going through ! Inside, there are tigersharcks, ray fish, pilchards and other fish from the same ecosystem.

Raie, dans le grand bassin
Ray fish

Another interesting pool was the one of the hammer sharks, but taking photo was difficult…

In the other pools, there are usual aquariums animals. In the squid’s pool, onr of them Dans les autres aquariums, on trouve, en plus des animaux habituels, des méduses, des seiches et des calamars, dont l’un d’eux, particulièrement glouton, s’est jeté devant nous sur l’un des poissons vivant dans le même bassin pour l’attraper et aller le manger un peu plus loin !

Un calamar gourmand, qui s'est servi en attrapant un poisson du même bassin
Squid hunting a fish

On the last fllor, going to the exit, there is a big pool with turtles and mantas, and with sea view

Tortues de mer
Sea turtles

Part two, Dolphin Fantasy, a smaller aquarium dedicated to dolphins and to a big sunfish.

Le poisson lune vient nous saluer
Sunfish says hello to the camera

Finally, we are going to Fureai Lagoon, an open aquarium, where we can touch sea animals.

Le bassin tactile, où l'on peut aller toucher les poisson et autres animaux du littoral
Here, you can touch the fish
Après un petit spectacle, il est possible d'aller caresser les otaries
Ater a little show, we can touch sea lions
Le bassin d'observation des animaux du bord de mer, et où il est possible d'aller dedans
In this pool, we can see coast’s fish

All photos are in the following diaporama

And if you want more informations, you cna go to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise official’s website