Tôkyô Eki

Today, we went to see a friend, and the meeting point was near Tôkyô station

Tôkyô station is in Marunouchi district, close to Ginza and Imperial Palace. It’s the main station of the city, with about 3000 trains every day. It’s also the final destination for many Shinkansen, the japanese bullet train.

La gare de Tôkyô, côte Marunouchi
Tôkyô station, Marunouchi side

Build in 1914, the station was destroyed during may 1945 bombing, and rebuild in 1947. Marunouchi side is the oldest one, and it was renovated during five years. Work has ended in october 2012.

La gare en 2009, lors des travaux
The station in 2009, during renovation works

Now, the station has recovered its former glory, outside…







La gare de Tôkyô, côte Marunouchi

and inside


Because it’s the JR East maion station, we can see a lot of trains

Tôkyô Eki

Shinkansen 700 à l'arrivée
Incoming Shinkansen 700
Un train de la célèbre ligne Yamanote
Train of the famous Yamanote line
Shinkansen E2
Shinkansen E2
Shinkansen 700
Shinkansen 700
Le nouveau Shinkansen E5 "Hayabusa", dont ne peut malheureusement voir que le bout du nez
The new Shinkansen E5 “Hayabusa”, unfortunatly, we can only see the nose…

In all JR station, there is a different little jingle, telling us in which station we are. We can ear it when the train is coming and before the doors are closing.

To finish, a little bit of station platform atmosphere !

Quai Tokyo Eki