Today, Odaiba

Odaiba is an artificial island, build in 1853, by the order of shogun Tokugawa Ieyoshi. It was one of the six fortresses constructed in ordre to protect the city from attack by sea, after Commodore Matthew Perry’s fleet upset the shogun.

Now, we can find hotels, work offices, shopping malls, a ferris wheel and a beach, where swimming is not recommended.

Siège de la chaîne Fuji TV
Fuji TV headquarter


Telecom Center
Telecom Center


And especially, there is a beautiful view of Tokyo

Rainbow Bridge et Tokyo Tower
Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower
La Statue de la Liberté (en français dans le texte !). Pendant un an, la Statue de la Liberté du Pont de Grenelle est venue pendant un an ici. Retounée à Paris, elle a été remplacée par une réplique. Il s'agit donc de la réplique d'une réplique !
Statue de la Liberté (in french in the text !). During one year, Grenelle bridge’s Statue of Liberty was here. After she get back to Paris, a replica was build. It’s a replica of the replica !
Panorama de la vue depuis Odaiba. Cliquez dessus pour le voir en plus grand
Panoramic picture of Odaiba view. Click on the picture to enlarge

Why going to Odaibe ? We wanted to go to National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, thr Miraikan, but it’s closed every tuesday…

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