Today, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, simply known as Miraikan, the Future Museum.

This time, the museum was open !
Situated in Odaiba district and open since 2001, the museum was created by Japan Science and Technology Agency, and is directed, since 2007, by astronaut Mamoru Mohri.

Le bâtiment du Miraikan
The Miraikan

Museum’s highlights are real time datas from sismographs all over Japan, which shows constants vibrations in the country, the Geocosmos globe, displays near real-time displays of global weather patterns, a section of rocks from the K-T boundary, record of the meteorite impact believed to be linked to the extinction of dinosaurs, and the ASIMO robot.

We can see a replica of the Shinkai 6500 oceanographical submarine, which can go to a 6500m depth. Three other submarine can to this, the russians Mir 1 and Mir 2 adn the french Nautile.

Shinkai 6500

Shinkai 6500

Shinkai 6500

There is also a humanoid robot ASIMO, made for working in human environnement. Made by Honda, ASIMO means Advanced Step In MObility. His name looks like to american science fiction author Isaac Asimov, who wrote the Robots Cycle, one of the major SF cycle, but, according to Honda, it’s just coincidence.
He has the ability to reproduce humans movements, for helping people with disabilities or working in dangerous places.
ASIMO is 130cm height and wheigs 48kg.
ASIMO is, actually, a research robot, and we can’y buy one… In Miraikan, he currently works as Science Communicator, like the other humans working with the public.


The other highlight of the museum is the Geo-Cosmos globe which displays near real-time displays of global weather patterns. Globe is made with LED panels.



We can also visit ISS’s japanes module, Kibo and discover astronaut’s life onboard.



From top to bottom, left to right : the room, the toilets, communication center and japanese space food

In this museum, we can do a lot of experiment, and science can be understood bay everyone, like this Internet hands-on model, where network systems are explained with mechanism and white and black balls. I must come here with my students !


In the following video, we are coding a character, for example a star, with white and black balls. Balls are sent to a mechanism that will push theme to a receiver, which wil decode them. This is a visual simulation of sending an e-mail.

Discover of robotics with this baby seal robot, which is happy when we touch it.

Robot phoque

And more other experiments.


There is also a planetarium, where we can travel around the universe, from solar system to the galaxies, in 3D !

You probably understood that I enjoyed this museum. And evrything has two languages, japanese and english, that’s easier for me. The only problem is that museum is closed at 5 pm, that’s too early to see everything !!

If you want more informations, the most simple way is to go to the Miraikan official website.