Yesterday, I went to Rheinbach, in Germany, to deliver art pieces for a concourse. This little travel was professionnal, and the aim is to help my coworker in charge of exhibitions.

First, the vehicule was very interesting. At work, xe have 3 vehicules, one Renault Clio, a small car, but it was not available, one minivan, which is in the garage for review, and old Renault Master, the only vehicule available today ! It’s rustic ! Seats are hard, we need to shout to talk, but the radio is the best !

Notre bon vieux Renault Master
Our Renault Master
Autoradio du camion
The radio, with its electric system, coming from the instrument panel, made by Denis Z (for anyone who know him)

And here we are, in the morning, on the road to Germany, in our van. Approaching France-Luxembourg border, there is a traffic jam because of work on the highway. 30 minutes lost !

Crossing Luxembourg was easy, and we make our first stop at the Luxembourg-Germany border. Ther is a pretty view, and a Burger King, something that is no longre seen in France since 1997.

A la frontière entre le Luxembourg et l'Allemagne
Luxembourg-Germany border

After that, it’s a little bit more complicated… I didn’t say, but everyone can imagine, there is no GPS in the van, and some driving directions doesn’t match with the roadbook… And we are going too far on the higway ! After many stops to see the map, we found a new way. It’s 12am, we are hungry, and all the restaurants we see are closed !

Finally, in Niedermendig, after passing through residential areas, watched by surprised people, we find a restaurant with typical german food !


2013-06-05 13.07.20

With a full stomach, it’s easier to find our way, and we arrive to Rheinbach with 1h30 late.

If concourse is made by Rheinbach Glass Museum, we need to bring the pieces to the Glasfachschule, the Rheinbach glass school. First, the adress doesn’t match with the school’s entrance, we are on the car park, but where is the entrance ? When we found it, second problem, most of the people speaks german only ! Das ist ein grosse probem !! Finaly, we meet a workshop director, and with the help of a french speaking student, everything is fine, and we know where we can bring the stuff !

It’s time to go back, and, this time, let’s go to the initial way ! At the begining, it’s OK, but works on the road let us go to another way, and, after leaving Rehinbach, we are lost in the Eifel mountains !

We are passing through little villages, small roads, forest, valley… And, after a while, we find our way ! Many kilometers after, we are near the famous Nürbürgring race circuit, for a moment, I think I can try the van on it, and race with the Porsche and other sports cars we see, but we don’t have time 😉

Back on the highway, we run to the border, and have a break on the same gas station as the morning. We refuel the van, to be sure to go home, and because gazoline is cheaper in Luxembourg than in France, and eat a little bit at Burger King. It’s now 6pm, the estimate arriving time, and we have to cross Luxembourg to come back in France.

We lost time, again, on the French border, another traffic jam due to many highway lane being only two and many people on the road at this time. Back in France, we had no problems during the last hour, it’s a little bit boring !
After all, it’s 9pm, and we are back !!

This little travel was intersting, I can discover Germany, because I never went before, and I think I can go back, with my family, for tourism this time.