Clos Lucé

Le château du Clos Lucé

Final step of our little trip, the Clos Lucé, at Amboise, which was Leonardo da Vinci last residence.

Clos Lucé a was built in 1471 in replacement of a 12th century castle. Charles VIII purchased it in 1490, and belongs to the Kings of France during 200 years. 400m far away from the Amboise Castle, it became a summer residence for the kings. François 1er and his sister Marguerite de Navarre lived here when they were young.
But the most famous  inhabitant was Leonardo da Vinci, invited by François 1er in 1516. Mais le principale habitant des lieux fut bien sur Léonard de Vinci, invité à résider en France par François 1er, il s’installe au Clos Lucé en 1516.  Under protection of the king and his sister Marguerite de Navarre, he was free to waork as he want for the last three years of his life.

Le château du Clos Lucé
Château du Clos Lucé
La galerie et la tour de guet, seul vestige du château original
The old watchtower

The first room is Leonardo’s room. He worked here, and he also died in this room, in 1519. He was 67 years old.

La chambre de Léonard de Vinci
Leonardo’s room

Close to Leonardo’s room, Marguerite de Navarre’s room. It’s a Renaissance style bedroom.

La chambre de Marguerite de Navarre
Marguerite de Navarre’s room

Downstairs, we can see the Oratory of Anne de Bretagne, a chapel built by Charles VIII for his queen, who can pray here for her lost childrens.

Oratoire d'Anne de Bretagne
Altar, in the Oratory of Anne de Bretagne
Plafond oratoire d'Anne de Bretagne
One of the four frescoes on the chapel’s ceiling

After passing through 18th century rooms, we enter the Renaissance Great Hall, where Leonardo welcomed numerous visitors, like artists, ambassadors,and, of course, the King of France.

Grande salle Renaissance Clos Lucé
Leonardo da Vinci and François 1er in the Renaissance Great Hall

The castle visit end with the models rooms. Four rooms show us Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions with 40 models made by IBM using original design and materials from the period. 6 3D animation also explain how the machines should work.

Mitrailleuse multidirectionnelle
Multidirectional machin gun
Vis volante
The first idea of an helicopter
Vélo et voiture
A bike and a car ptototype

After visiting the castle, it’s lunchtime, and it’s better with a beer. Let’s taste Leonardo beer !

Bière Leonardo
Leonardo beer. On the right, lager, and on the left, amber

Before leaving, we are going in the gardens, starting with Leonardo’s garden. Nature was his inspiration source, and this garden is here to pay homage.

Jardin de Léonard
Leonardo’s garden
Jardin de Léonard
Nature is the inspiration of all Leonardo’s creations

We can also see a pigeon loft, built in the 15th century. It is square on the outside and octogonal on the inside, which contain 1000 pigeonholes.

Pigeonnier Clos Lucé
Pigeon loft

In the park, we can also find many actionables reproductions af Leonardo da Vinci’s machines, if we’d like to try them.

Vis volante jardin
An helicopter actionable reproduction

For more informations, parctical or historical, view 3D animations or just prepare a visit, you can go to the site Clos Lucé official website.

And, as usual, all pictures are on the following diaporama