Tokyo National Museum

We went to Tokyo National Museum, to see temporary exhibition “The 800th Memorial of Yosai – Roots of Zen: Yosai and the Treasures of Kenninji”

Kenninji is the oldest zen temple in Kyoto, founded 800 years ago by priest Yosai (1141 – 1215). The exhibition presents treasures from Kenninji, inckuding the famous paint of wind and thunder gods.

Photos are not allowed, but we can find pictures on the exhibition website.

Les dieux du vent et du tonnerre (image Musée National de Tokyo)
Wind and Thunder gods (picture from Tokyo National Museum)


After that, we don’t forget to visit the museum !
Tokyo National Museum is, on my opinion, as good as the Louvres, we can stay here an entire day and never see everything. It’s the fourth time I go here, and I can see new things again !

There are 5 buildings : Honkan, the oldest, about japanese art, Heiseikan, with temporary exhibitions, Tôyôkan, about asian art, including Egypt, Hyôkeikan, actually closed, and The Gallery of Hôryû-ji Treasures.









Galerie des trésors du Hôryû-ji
The Gallery of Hôryû-ji Treasures

Of course, we can’t see everything. After Heiseikan, we went to Honkan and finish with Tôyôkan, closed last time we went here.

Honkan – Katana


Armures de samuraï
Honkan – Samurai warsuits


Statue egyptienne
Tôyôkan – Egyptian statue


Sculpture indienne
Tôyôkan – Indian sculpture


There is only one thing I don’t like in this museum, like many museum in Japan, it’s closed at 5:00 PM ! It’s to early !

For more photos, take a look at the following diaporama

You can go to the museum website to learn more about the exhibitions, but another website is very interesting, eKokuhou, where you can find all national treasures and important cultural properties owned by four national museum (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Kyûshû).