Clocher de Kawagoe

Let’s go to Kawagoe, the Little Edo.
Kawagoe is a city built with traditional Edo era style.

Une rue traditionnelle de Kawagoe
Traditional street


Des maisons traditionnelles japonaises à Kawagoe
Traditional houses

The most famous place in Kawagoe is the bell tower, everybody wants to see it.

Clocher de Kawagoe
Kawagoe bell tower

Another famous place is Kashiya Yokocho, the candy street. We can find here many little shops with candy, sweets, cakes or toys.

Kashiya Yokocho
Kashiya Yokocho

Before leaving, we are heading to Kitain temple, a buddhist temple founded in 830.
Here, there are 540 Rakan statues, and the last parts of Edo Castle, in the main hall.

Le temple de Kitain
Kitain temple


Les 540 statues de Rakan
540 Rakan statues


Détail de statues de Rakan
Some Rakan statues

Another thing is important. A beer is brewed in Kawagoe, COEDO beer, and we can drink it draft !

La COEDO, la bière de Kawagoe
Kawagoe beer, COEDO


If you want to see more photos, see the following Flickr diaporama