Today, the National Museum of Emergent Sciences, also known as Miraikan.

Situated in Odaiba district and open since 2001, the museum was created by Japan Science and Technology Agency, and is directed, since 2007, by astronaut Mamoru Mohri.
There are two main floors in the museaum, the first one is “Create your future”, which explain new technologies and their future, the main subjects are robotics and computing. We can play with Paro, a baby seal robot who is in Guiness book as best healing robot. That’s not a surprise, he has a lovely face, and move when we touch him.


Another robot is Halluc II, who can go everywhere with his mobile “legs”

The most famous robot is the humanoid robot ASIMO, made by Honda for working in human environnement. Made by Honda, ASIMO means Advanced Step In MObility. His name looks like to american science fiction author Isaac Asimov, who wrote the Robots Cycle, one of the major SF cycle, but, according to Honda, it’s just coincidence.
He has the ability to reproduce humans movements, for helping people with disabilities or working in dangerous places.
ASIMO is 130cm height and wheigs 48kg.
ASIMO is, actually, a research robot, and we can’y buy one… In Miraikan, he currently works as Science Communicator, like the other humans working with the public.


Going to the upstairs floor, we can see another higlight of the Miraikan, the Geo-Cosmos globe which displays near real-time displays of global weather patterns. Globe is made with LED panels.


We are now on the florr named “Explore the frontiers”, which explain how humans are exploring the universe, from elementary particules to galaxy, from medecine to deep sea exploration and space exploration.
Let’s start with  a replica of the Shinkai 6500 oceanographical submarine, which can go to a 6500m depth. Three other submarine can to this, the russians Mir 1 and Mir 2 adn the french Nautile.

Shinkai 6500
Shinkai 6500


L'avant du Shinkai 6500
Front of Shinkai 6500


Le poste de pilotage du Shinkai 6500
Shinkai 6500 cockpit

After deep sea, quantum physics. We can go in a replica of a particule accelerator room, and also play at a collider video game ! For my first and only try, I found a Higgs boson and get high score 🙂 !




After creating new insects species, with DNA modifications, we are arriving in space, with an ISS (International Space Station) habitation module replica.

Création de nouvelles espèces d'insectes
Creating new insects species


Toilettes spatiales
Space toilets

And to go forward in space, we can go two times in planetarium, to see the two differents movies. First one talks about starry night in many countries around the world, and the second is about the birth of the universe and solar system, in 3D.

Issey is not the only one ti see ASIMO, a famous man came 2 weeks ago in the museum, and it seems to me that he promote Miraikan, because I saw more stranger than our last year visit.

For more photos of the museum and Odaiba and the famous real siez Gundam, you can take a look at the following Flickr diaporama.

I like this museum, and, if I live in Tokyo, I probably buy the annual passeport. And everything is explained in japanese and in english, I can understand !

If you want to learn more about the museum, you can go to the Miraikan website, and you can visit it in Google Street View