BA133 Nancy-Ochey Airshow

Two days of airshow, with many planes and 15 kilometers from home, that’s great !!
But rain the first day was not great… Luckily, it was not during two days.

The saturday 5th and sundy 6th Julay meeting was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first bombing mission. This mission was made on August 14th 1914, by lieutenant Cesari and Capotal Pruhommeau, with their Farman MF-7 planes. The objective was airships hangar in Frescaty, near Metz.

For more informations about this mission, you can go to Armée de l’Air 80th birthday website (in French)

Maurice Farman 1910.jpg
Maurice Farman MF7, same plane as the ones used for the first bmobing mission
From Wikimedia Commons


BA133 was chosen for the meeting, because it’s the home of ground attack squadrons. Created in 1915, it’s one of the oldest French airbase. It’s also one of the biggest.

BA133 squadrons are 1/3 “Navarre”, 2/3 “Champagne”, 3/3 “Ardennes” et 2/7 “Argonne”, all flying with Mirage 2000D.
Navare, Champagne and Ardennes squadrons missions is conventional ground attack, and Argonne is the Mirage 2000D transformation squadron.

Mirage 2000D de l'escadron 1/3 "Navarre"
1/3 “Navarre” squadron Mirage 2000D


For more informations about airbase hostory, you can go to the airbase website

Rainy saturday

Bad day… Weather is poor, as we can see on the Rafale parked in front of the way to the tarmac, and there are so many clouds that it’s impossible to fly…

Rafale B du 2/92 Aquitaine, sous la pluie
2/92 “Aquitaine” squadron Rafale B in the rain


But this bad weather doesn’t stop Patrouille de France landing.


L'arrivée de la Patrouille de France
Patrouille de France arrival


Some aircrafts can fly when there is no rain, like a two Flamants patrol and the Caracal

L'équipage du Caracal, après la démo
Caracal crew, after demo


Each time that ceiling is a bit higher, a plane go to the taxiway and prepare for takeoff, but Flight Director must stop it and the aircraft must go back to park…
Austrian Saab 105 pilot, waiting for takeoff clearance or disappointed for not flying, has decided to perform a “very very bad weather” demo, and did round trips on the taxiway !

Le Saab 105 de l'armée de l'air autrichienne, lors de sa démo sur taxiway
Autrian Air Force Saab 105, in a taxiway demo


I have to go when the ceiling is going higher, but I can come back tomorrow. Those who stays in the airbase can see Patrouille de France “bad weather” show and all Solo Displays.

Sunny sunday (but sometime with a little bit rain….)

Back to airbase on sunday morning. Because I was here the day before, there is no need to shot ground aircrafts, but I think to shot some of them without water on my lens latrer, and I know where I can go to be in a good spot ! I came for the opening, in 10 am, and I stayed in my spot until 6 pm, along the taxiway and close to VIP 🙂

The weather was better than the day before, and all aircrafts will fly today. The skies are clear, let start with warbirds. Showtime !

Waco UPF-7 et Boeing Streaman 75
Waco UPF-7 and Boeing Streaman 75




After OV-10 Bronco flight, another plane who can’t fly yesterday is taking off, the Austrian Saab 105.

Le Saab 105 enfin en vol
The Saab 105 is flying today !



Next, Mirage 2000D patrol, “Couteaux Charlie”. The rain is back, but ceiling is high, we can see that Mirage 2000D is a all-weather fighter-bomber.

Atterrissage d'un Mirage 2000D des "Couteaux Charlie" sur piste mouillée
“Couteaux Charlie” Mirage 2000D landing, on wet strip


The sun is coming after rain, and will shine for all the remaining time. Now everything is going on ! Mustang and Spitfire replica, PC-7, Netherlands F-16 Solo Display, Cessna 195, P-51D Mustang, a real one, Yak-11…

F-16 Solo Display de la Royal Neederland Air Force
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 Solo Display



Le Cessna 195, l'un des premiers avions d'affaire
Cessna 195, one of the first business plane


Le P-51D Mustang, l'un des plus célèbre chasseur de la 2nde Guerre Mondiale
P-51D Mustang, one of the most famous WW2 fighter


Air patrols are flying too, with “Cartouche Doré”, Blegians “Red Devils”, civilian patrol Patrouille Reva, and the Patrouille de France.
There is something new with Belgians demo, the F-16 Solo Display joins “Red Devils” for their final and start his show immediately. Yes, thiere were two F-16 flying !

Il y a bien trois Epsilon chez les "Cartouche Doré"
Yes, “Cartouche Doré” are three planes



Les "Red Devils" accompagnés du F-16 belge
“Red Devils” patrol, with Belgian F-16 Solo Display



Quatre Alphajets, sur les huit que compte la Patrouille de France
Four oth height Patrouille de France Alphajets, and their famous blue, white and red vapour trails



Llike in Great Britain, Patrouille de France is no more the airshow final and some planes have not flying yet. It’s time for Rafale, Caracal, Equipe de Voltige de l’Armée de l’Air (EVAA, French Air Force Aerobatics Team) Extra 330 and Typhoon.
EVAA has won two 2014 Team and Individual Aerobatics Word Championships.

La présentation du Rafale est faite avec l'avion du dernier Tiger Meet
Rafale Solo Display, with 2014 Tiger Meet plane



L'Extra 330 de l'Equipe de Voltige de l'Armée de l'Air
Equipe de Voltige de l’Armée de l’Air (EVAA) Extra 330


La démo Caracal, par beau temps cette fois, mais toujours avec le transport par grappe
Helicopter rope suspension technique, with a Caracal



Décollage du Typhoon
Italian Typhoon takeoff



Mirage F1 Final show

This airshow is the last one for the Mirage F1. Two of the 5 last Mirage F1CR, in a patrol called “Carol Hotel” will display the last tactical demo flight. As you can see in the following photos, those F1 have specials painting, like 70’s Mirage F1C and 80’s Africa camo.
Mirage F1 final flight was for 14 July military parade, but we enjoyed the Mirage F1 Final show here, in BA133.

Le leader des "Carol Hotel", décoré comme un des premiers Mirage F1C
“Carol Hotel” leader, painted like 70’s Mirage F1C


L'ailier de la patrouille, un Mirage F1B
Patrol’s wingman Mirage F1B


Le Mirage F1CR aux couleurs "sable et chocolat", rendues célèbres sur le théâtre africain.
80’s Africa painting for this Mirage F1CR.


La dernière présentation en vol du Mirage F1...
Last public flight for Mirage F1…


Mirage F1CR du 2/33 Savoie
We can understand why Mirage F1 is a dart !



Of course, there are a lot of photos, and the best ones are in the following Flickr set