Like everywhere, when it’s raining, we are going to ceinema !

We went to cinema in Kawasaki, to see Super Hero Taisen GP – Kamen Rider 3Gou, the last Kamen Rider movie.

issey-cinema super-hero-taisen-gp

A mysterious Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 3Gou, change the world timeline in 1973 (the year if the end of the fisrt Kamen Rider series), Kamen Rider 1Gou and 2Gou destroyed and the world is ruled by devil organisation Shocker. Can our heroes bring back the earth in its normal timeline ? Is Kamen Rider 3Gou a good or a bad guy ?

Après le film, nous sommes allé faire un tour dans le centre commercial La Zona, à Kawasaki, pour faire quelques achats dans un magasin très After the end of the movie, we went to La Zona, to buy toys and other stuff…