One of my favourite museum, the Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Il like this mueasum, this was the third time I go there, and it’s still interesting !

I don’t write about history and details, everything was done for the last year visit.

Anyway, there are some new things. First, ASIMO demonstration has changed, now he can jump, and be able to perform the demo alone, without human help.


Now androids are in the Miraikan ! We can see Kodomoroid and Otonaroid, two teleoperated androids resembling humans. They can have face expression, and a simulated breath movements, and they can interact with visitors. The aim of those androids is to think about the question what is Human ? They are creations of famous robotician Hiroshi Ishiguro.



Otonaroid (on the right, on the left, this is the speaker !)


Other new thing, a part where we can learn about health new technologies and understand how our body is made, with an interactive platform using a Kinect.


Of course, Geo-Cosmos, the Miraikan emblem is still here !


As well as Shinkai 6500, the deep sea exploration submarine


We can go to the special exhibition “Dance! Art Exhibition! and Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park“. It is a digital art exhibition, made by the teamLab team. We can interact with screens, often with a Kinnect, and wall projections, and also by coloring drawings, which are scanned, computed to be 3D models and inserted in a animated scenery, with drawings made by other visitors.

First, coloring


Next, it is scanned


And the fish can swim with its friends, colored by other visitors.


Le champ de fleurs, une projection au sol dans une salle entourée de miroirs.
A field of flowers, changing every hour


Miraikan next special exhibition seems to be interesting too, it is called Pokemon Lab”, and explain animal classification with the help of all Pokemons. Unfortunately, we will be back in France when it will start.

And for more informations, you can visit Miraikan website.