Toshiba Mirai Kagakukan

Toshiba Science Museum, dedicated to innovation.

Located in Kawasaki, near Lazona commercial center, this museum was created by Toshiba to explain projects of the enterprise for the future.
Entrance is free, and there are many funny games for explaining technology in environnement, data storing, health, transports or nanotech and superconductivity.

Comment marche une dynamo reliée à un moteur ?
How to product energy ?


Analyse du corps
Body analysis


La supraconductivité en action
Superconductivity in action


With some games, we are in a science game center ! We try to perform high score in smart house building, saving energy in a building or trying to catch electrons when riding a Tron-like bike !

Fabrication d'une maison intelligente
Building a smart house


Nano Rider, à la poursuite des électrons
Nano Rider, can you catch the electrons ?


This museum is a mini Miraikan, of course promoting Toshiba, but it’s interesting, and we can stay here many hours in playing with science !
For more informations, visit the museum website.